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Secured Swiss-based private anonymous e-mail

We believe the privacy is a fundamental human right. In order to reach the goal of ads free, secured and private email service we developed We never read your emails, we don't cooperate with programs like PRISM. Our servers are placed outside USA in the country which offers some of the strongest privacy protection in the world for both individuals and companies.

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High Security

We use state-of-the-art security to ensure all your communications remain private. We use encrypted disks to storage user's emails, so data security is preserved even if our hardware is seized.

No ads, no spying

We don’t scan your emails to sell advertising to other companies. We believe your email should only be seen by you and the person you write to.

Easy access

Access to your e-mail from anywhere using our enhanced web interface. Connect your mail client using TLS secured IMAP protocol.

Swiss servers

Our servers are placed in Switzerland. All your pivate data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance.

Spam and Virus Protection

We have a number of features that help catch and stop as much spam and viruses as possible.

Bitcoin accepted

We accept Bitcoin, an innovative cryptographic payment method which helps to guard your privacy.

Account features

10 GB mailbox storage

Web Mail Interface

Spam/virus protection

Windows, MacOS and Linux support ALIAS!